Farm Table

Farm Table
Thick wood planks, rustic finishes and durable and useful designs bring the farm table its allure. As the family gathers around the farm table to share the meal of the day, stories are told, laughter fills the air, and this way of life goes on for this important furniture piece. Gross Point Woods has captured the rich heritage of the American farm family in the Farm Table line of kitchen tables.

Wood Options


Rustic Walnut

Rustic walnut is a beautiful dark wood with many color and texture variations within the wood material. Minerals, sap and knots are common wood characteristics of Rustic Walnut. Base color variations may range from creamy white sapwood to dark heartwood. The variation in the wood colors created by knots, swirls, and streaking makes Rustic Walnut a favorite in today’s kitchen decor. Our rustic Walnut tops provide a refined and warm look to our production line tables. The medium and dark brown walnut wood matched with the matte black or battleship grey legs provide two striking designer options.

Rustic White Oak

Rustic White Oak

Rustic white oak is the most common wood selected for our kitchen island tables and decor. The rich, complex wood contains hints of the original characteristics from the sawmill as well as knots, streaks and beautiful swirls within the grain. It is often straight grained, but can be irregular, cross-grained, or knotty. The sapwood has a light tan and somewhere greige turning to a yellow-brown color, while the knots and cross graining carry dark lines, streaks and dramatic shapes. Rustic white oak has been widely used throughout history as a stable and beautiful wood for most any application and is the wood of choice for barrel cooperage for distilleries.

American Ash

American Ash

American ash has a beautiful grain with wide grain patterns and a well balanced color variation within its blond characteristics. From creamy white and light gray-brown colors to deep browns at the heart of the wood. The grain of American Ash is commonly confused with oak, and American Elm. This strong stable wood is excellent for virtually any application. A very hard wood, Ash is used extensively for tool handles, baseball bats, and other hard durable wood applications. American Ash makes a great wood for kitchen island tables, benches, stools, desks and other furniture. American Ash is a versatile and beautiful wood.

American Elm

American Elm is a unique wood offering for its beautiful and elegant grain pattern and wood characteristics. This unique wood has a light to medium reddish brown color with small medium brown swirls and veining. The grain is predominately straight, but is often interlocked, and has a coarse pattern, yet refined look. American elm beautiful wood grain is found in many fine furniture applications. The rings of an elm tree create a bold pattern in the wood that’s in its own realm, with a nice balance of grain variation, swirls and waves and a color consistency that make it stand out to other wood species.

Base Options

Tables are constructed with wood bases. More details coming soon.


With its warm, traditional appeal and superb craftsmanship, the White color base option for the Farm Table has the look and feel of antique furnishings with a modern twist. Our white option has many benefits, as it creates a beautiful contrast between the base and our wood top offerings, which wonderfully exposes the unique, natural details and expert craftsmanship.

Battleship Gray

Battleship Gray

The battleship gray color was introduced to our line of tables to offer our customers a lighter and more complimentary color. Battleship grey was developed to blend with the rich greys and browns coming from our wood top offerings while incorporating the dark grays and blacks the represent the industrial age. This beautiful color connects the grain colors, knots and swirl variations within the wood to the steel components of the table bases, desks and accessories.

This is a sturdy and high-quality functional piece and my family loves and uses it heavily. And, it feels good to be buying American-made!

R. Cooper — Chicago (Roscoe Village)

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